MACKWORTH NEWS June 2015 Tom Woodard is Mackworth-Enviro Coordinator for California Barrier and Screen Projects Tom Woodard, an environmental scientist and consultant based in Murietta, California will support Mackworth-Enviro as Coordinator... Click to read more Nutrient Removal Barriers (NRB’s): Fabrication Nearing completion Mackworth-Enviro’s Nutrient Removal Barriers (NRB’s) are in final stages of fabrication and will be deployed .. Click to read more September 2014 Mackworth Awarded Maine Technology Institute Seed Grant for Testing and Demonstration of Nutrient Containment Barriers In March 2014, Mackworth completed its TechStart grant which validated the potential benefit of its Nutrient Reduction Filter Barriers.. Click to read more   To get up to date with ALL Mackworth news please click here Stormwater Control and      Settling Pond Management Surface Water Protection
Fisheries Protection and Management Beach Management Irrigation and Agricultural Withdrawals Mackworth is focused, agile and uniquely capable to provide a range of products and services for in-water filtration and mesh screen barrier systems.  From a “standard” turbidity barrier, to a complex fish exclusion system in a challenging environment, to a fish-friendly facility intake protection system, we leverage our expertise and direct field experience to provide solutions for our clients.   Retain, contain, exclude, protect. Our aquatic barrier and screening systems can be applied to any water-based activity that impact natural or cultural resources, such as wetlands, wildlife, protected species, water, and soils. We can also provide systems to protect intakes from clogging or reduce sediment or materials coming into the intake. Sediments, organisms, bacteria, chemicals, petroleum products all may be targets for blocking, filtering, or separating. If your task is to: A. Design water intake or agricultural withdrawal barriers or screens to:  •  Exclude various life stages or fish or other aquatic organisms; •  Solve debris problems, plant materials, algae or  jellyfish; • Address Clean Water Act 316(b); • Exclude fish from an area of disturbance or channel their movements; • Eliminate or minimize intake of fouling organisms such as zebra or quagga mussels.   B. Protect bathers by enclosing a bathing beach with a fine-filter barrier   C. Control suspended sediments and contaminants from:   • Dredging- for construction, navigation or remediation • Waterside demolition or construction, including facilities, highways and bridges   D. Design in-water barriers or screens to:   • Preferentially change the level or cut off areas of the water column for intake; • Manage settling basins or ponds to meet discharge regulations E. Protect a natural resource, biological organisms or habitat from an oil spill, CSO, leachate from a hazardous waste site or other water-borne contaminant source. F. “Save” or improve a lake or pond Maintenance or Remedial Dredging Marine Construction and Demolition Lake or Pond improvement Contact Mackworth  System Specialists:   We understand the engineering, biology and the rigors of aquatic and marine environment to deliver the best and most effective systems.”   We will find and can implement barrier and screening solutions from the simplest to the largest and most complex Questions? Check our FAQ page.  Would you like a quote or more information about Mackworth systems? -- Need an Engineer’s Estimate or Conceptual Design of a system that would work for your application? Our Products and Services  are used for: Intake Protection Reduction of Impacts from      Intake Operations    ∙ Mackworth Aquatic Environmental Systems ∙ 207.883.1777 (Tele) ∙ 207.883.3864 (Fax) ∙ Copyright 2013 Mackworth Group, LLC